Oncology implants and individual replacements

ProSpon has been producing oncological replacements since 2000, and more than 4000 of these replacements have been implanted so far. Approximately 60% are knee joint prostheses, 25% are hip joint replacements and 15% are other joints and parts of the human skeleton. The material used for these implants is a lightweight and at the same time strong titanium alloy Ti6Al4V ELI (ISO 5832-3), coated with a DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) layer. This coating prevents the undesirable reactions which can occur with implants made of this material without properly treating its surface, and it also has unique tribological properties. The sliding parts of the knee replacement are made of a high-performance thermoplastic polymer PEEK (Polyether ether ketone). In the case of polymer-metal friction pairs, this material is additionally filled with carbon fibers, which at low weight guarantee high resistance to friction and mechanical stress, thus extending the lifespan of the implant. The advantage of this material is also the very low risk of implant-based complications during magnetic resonance imaging, transparency to electromagnetic radiation - e.g. X-rays and the possibility of using different methods of sterilization. The above-mentioned combination of materials thus ranks ProSpon's products among the unique implants of this type on a global scale. Individual (custom made - CM) implants are produced for specific patients:

a) as individual replacements with possible connection to some parts of the serial production (hip ball heads, etc.)

b) as fully patient-specific replacements

ProSpon's product range covers replacements of all major human joints (knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, ankle and wrist), diaphyseal replacements, replacements of the pelvis, the scapula, the jaw and total replacements of all long bones, e.g. the total replacement of hip-femur-knee-tibia-ankle assembly - see the overview below. The reliability of the company's implants ranks among the world's top. Failure by ProSpon's oncological replacements is absolutely minimal, even though these types of implants are loaded more than standard orthopaedic replacements (large resections and thus increased bending forces, etc.).


Overview of ProSpon's products for oncology and selected examples of individual replacements:


ProSpon´s catalogues for oncological and individual replacements ("Oncological implants", "Growing oncological replacements", "Individual replacements" a "Diaphyseal femur replacement") are available on request in a Czech-English version in electronic and printed form.