Products of ProSpon

ProSpon is focused on developing, manufacturing and distributing implants and surgical instruments mainly for orthopaedics, traumatology and oncology. In addition to external fixators, which the company has focused on since its foundation, it also currently offers orthopaedic replacements of the shoulder, the hip and the knee joint, silicone finger joint replacements, spinal fixators, individual oncological replacements of all major human joints and bone parts (mainly using 3D printing of titanium and its alloys) as well as implants for veterinary medicine.

ProSpon´s products are delivered into the majority of Czech hospitals, both state and private, but we also have customers in Slovakia, Poland, some Russian-speaking countries, the Baltic states, Greece, Turkey, France, Spain, and in Morocco.

Besides developing and manufacturing its own products, ProSpon also operates in the Czech Republic as a distributor for selected foreign producers. Currently, it is primarily a Korean company JEIL Medical Corporation (maxillofacial surgery) and a French company Teknimed (bone cement, absorbable screws). Our distributor in the Czech Republic is also the company MEDIN, a.s.

The main product range offered by ProSpon can be divided into 4 basic categories:


Orthopaedic replacements of major human joints (shoulder, hip, knee). Spinal fixators. Knee arthrodesis. Small joints replacements.


External fixators for long bones, the pelvis and for the bones of the hand. Implants and instruments for ACL reconstruction.

Individual replacements

Individual oncological replacements and fully custom-made replacements. The so-called "growing" oncological replacements. Femoral diaphyseal replacements.

Maxillofacial surgery

Implants and instruments for maxillofacial surgery from the JEIL Medical Corporation.