In the field of orthopaedic implants for the shoulder joint, ProSpon supplies two variants of the cervicocapital replacement of this joint (models Sosna II and III). The silicone replacements for tendons and PIP/MCP joints of the fingers are mainly intended for hand surgeries. For the joint of the thumb, a silicone replacement of the CMC joint (trapezoidal replacement) is supplied. For hip joint replacements, the company offers both cemented and non-cemented hip stems - cylindrical, as well as the classic Müller and Zweymüller types. Hip ball heads are supplied both for total and cervicocapital replacements. The material of the ball heads is metal (stainless steel, cobalt alloy) or Al2O3 ceramic (for total replacement only). Acetabular cups are supplied cemented, made of UHMWPE material (model MS-PE), non-cemented (model MS-CR and Corona) and also for revision, oval types. For the knee joint, ProSpon supplies its total, primary replacement (model Vektor), revision type (model MMR) and also a nail for arthrodesis of the joint (model Alterna). For foot surgery (hallux rigidus condition), a total or partial (hemi) MTP joint replacement of the big toe is supplied. ProSpon manufactures and delivers its own instrument sets for all implants and also acts as a distributor of bone cement for the French company Teknimed.


Overview of ProSpon's products for orthopaedics:


ProSpon´s catalogues for orthopaedic replacements ("Spinal Fixators", "Shoulder joint replacements - Sosna III", "Knee replacements - Arthrodesis", "Hip replacements - Cemented", "Hip replacements - Non-cemented", "Hip replacements - Oval, Oval modular", "Knee replacements - Modular revision", "Knee replacements - Vektor", "Small joint replacements") are available on request in a Czech-English version in electronic and printed form.