For the medical field of traumatology, ProSpon supplies several types of external fixators for bone osteosynthesis using special screws. These are the standard and pediatric versions of the modular type unilateral fixator (model UNI-FIX), a modular type of fixator which allows frame constructions (model PH-FIX) and a system for fixing the smaller bones of the hand (model MP-FIX). With ProSpon´s modular systems, it is also possible to build a structure for fixing the pelvic bone. As the fixators are mutually compatible, multi-level fixation is possible by combining the listed models with parts for a hybrid fixation, additionally using also circular frames and other parts for fixing Kirschner wires. The predominant fixator materials are aluminum and titanium alloys. ProSpon manufactures and supplies some parts (including circular frames for hybrid fixation and some types of rods for frame structures) from carbon composite. The reason is for reducing the total weight of the final fixator assembly and thus better patient comfort. For the reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) of the knee joint, ProSpon supplies both its own metal (titanium alloy) and bio-resorbable PLA screws from a French company Teknimed. For fixators and ACL reconstruction, ProSpon manufactures and supplies its own instrument sets.


Overview of ProSpon's products for traumatology:


ProSpon´s catalogues for traumatology ("External fixators", "ACL Reconstruction") are available on request in a Czech-English version in electronic and printed form.